SqlSmash V2: Faster and Better

This week I released SqlSmash v2.0. Besides the following new features, the primary focus of this update was performance improvements. With version 1, I had a few users (with tens of thousands of objects in their SQL Server databases), for whom the plugin was too slow to be useable. I had to rewrite a lot of the core code to address this, but I am really happy with the results. There is more than 100X speed and memory improvements as far as the initial cache building is concerned. Searching for objects is also much more faster and efficient than before. The following new features have been added, and I’ll blog about those over the next few days:
* Generate Insert Statements
* Data Protection
* See Related Data for Grid Results
* Increase/Decrease Selection
* Tab and Query Execution History

In addition to the above, several existing features have been improved:
* You can now go straight to the Object Definition from the “Goto Object” Window or the “Find References” popup. Just press Shift + Enter instead of pressing Enter. Pressing Enter in those lists still takes you to that object in Object Explorer.
* You can select your object under cursor in Object Explorer now by using the “Locate in Explorer” menu item (or pressing Alt + F12).
* You can filter the results of the Summary/Navigation Window now.

You can grab the latest build from the homepage.

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