SqlSmash Now Works With SSMS and SQL Server 2016

This week, I rolled out support for SSMS and Sql Server 2016.

To get the latest goodness, just download the new installer from the homepage. Your existing license should continue to work with SSMS 2016.

Update: April 4, 2016

It looks like Microsoft has decided to upgrade the shell from VS 2010 to VS2015 in the latest SSMS March 2016 Preview Refresh (13.0.13000.55). This means that addins, and as a result, SQLSmash, no longer works in SSMS. I’ll do some research and update here again soon once I have a fix for this.

Update: May 9, 2016

The latest build (v 2.1.1) show now work with the current SSMS RC. Since Microsoft is pushing monthly updates to SSMS, it’s possible that this integration might break again in the future.

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