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Quickly View Definition of a SQL Object
Execute the query under your cursor
Summarize complicated scripts and navigate within script
Format and Indent your SQL
Navigate Quickly to any object in Object Explorer
SqlSmash now works with Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
SqlSmash now works with SSMS and SQL Server 2014
SqlSmash released with performance improvements


Ignore Specific Servers Or Databases in SqlSmash
SqlSmash v2: Faster and Better
Generate Insert Statements from Grid Results and Tables
Protect your Table Data from accidental Deletes and Updates
See Related Data for Grid Results
Increase/Decrease Text Selection
Access recent Tabs and Executed Queries


SqlSmash now works with SSMS and SQL Server 2016
Limit Operations to Current Database


SSMS 2017 support


SSMS 18/Sql Server 2019 Support
Partnership with Github Education


SSMS 19/2023 support

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